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Bungay River
Name: Bungay River
County: bristol
Acreage: -
Public Fishing: Yes
Species: Yellow Perch
Golden Shiner
Redfin Pickerel
White Perch
Mean Depth: 4'
Max Depth: 12'
Elevation: 157'
Shoreline: 7 miles
Location Details: The Bungay River is a short river in southeastern Massachusetts that is a tributary of the Ten Mile River. The Bungay River begins in Witch Pond in Foxborough, Massachusetts at an altitude about 157 feet (48 m) above sea level. It flows south through Greenwood Lake and through North Attleboro and Attleboro. It enters the Ten Mile River in Attleboro and ultimately empties into Narragansett Bay. Its water basin area is 6.5 square miles. The West Branch and Black Brook are the only named tributaries, though there are many unamed streams that also feed it. The Bungay, whose headwaters extend into Foxborough, is flanked by some of the state's best southern red maple swamps and it contains reaches considered by locals to be prime for canoeing. In addition, the North Attleborough National Fish Hatchery is located in its upper reaches. THIS PLACE IS ONLY GOOD IF YOUR FLY FISHING OR TRYING TO CATCH GOLDEN SHINERS. TROUT ARE STOCKED EARLY SPRING BUT FOLLOW THE RIVER DOWN STREAM WHERE THE BUNGAY MEETS THE TEN MILE RIVER COMING OUT OF FARMERS POND.
Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bungay_River
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   Bungay River Bungay River
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Longitude/Latitude: -71.2821292877197, 41.9875032112681
Baits, Lures, & Flies: The following baits, lures, and flies are popular near this location.
Casting & Trolling Spoon;22:
regular silver spoon
Pink Powerbait nuggets
Shiners, senkos, plastic salamander.
Rapala DT-4
Rapala DT-4, Perch
nicholas caught 15 and i got 4. all on rapalas
i had 10 (3 were 20+) and nicholas had 11. most were crankbaits, though i caught a couple on a rooster tail.
i had 29 and nicholas had 34. mostly rapalas, but they were hitting everything we put in the water. most were 10 / 11 inches. a few smaller, a couple bigger.
nicholas had 11 and i had 4. all crankbaits. a couple were pretty big for sunfish.
4 inch rapala original floater - gold
rebel ghost minnow - silver

perch rapala

tried a soft worm for a while, but got nothing. crankbaits and spoons work well on this pond.
Stick Bait:
A pair of 7in on a jerkbait
A pair of 12in on the jerkbait
Spinnerbait / Buzzbait:

golden spinner
i got 2 on a 4 inch yum and nicholas got 1 on a rapala. i did hook a 4 or 5 pounder on a spoon, only to have him snap my line about 5 feet from the boat. at least he looked that big.

less than a half hour before i was telling nicholas how i could see my line had stretched and weakened from all the fish we were catching. and sure enough, finally hooked a nice one and....

5" Red/Black Senko
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