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Mother Brook Pond
Name: Mother Brook Pond
County: Suffolk - Boston
Acreage: -
Species: American Eel
Brown Bullhead
Calico Bass(Black Crappie)
Chain Pickerel
Common Carp
Largemouth Bass
Yellow Perch
Channel Catfish
White Catfish
White Perch
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User Discussion:
Did I just catch a WHITE Perch in Mother brook?
10/13/16 06:40 PM

I live right down the street from mother brook so I fish there a lot.I have caught LM bass,crappies,perch,pickerel,bullheads,carp.My friends have caught small channel catfish and an eel, but those are the only two fish I haven't caught in there yet.
06/20/16 01:04 PM

Did I just catch a yellow perch in mother brook?
09/18/15 07:27 AM

I don't think better eel fishing exists. It's the best fishing this place has going for it BY FAR. Throw a piece of meat of on the bottom with a long shank hook near sunset. Preferably bacon.

While those damns have blocked the passage of every other species, they're not blocking in eels.
09/04/14 08:45 AM

I tried for carp at the River st bridge area last night and got nothing. There were guys in a rowboat fishing, and one at the bridge casting and catching small fish - looked like bullhead and maybe perch. The list says eel, but I don't know if there are any eels in this water. Dams on the Neponset and the Charles would block them from getting in.
06/27/11 02:06 PM

The first reviewer said there's a no fishing sign on the bridge. I think that's a warning to not eat the fish. People do fish at the bridge occasionally.
06/26/11 01:40 AM

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Mother Brook Pond Added by: vinny60

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Longitude/Latitude: -71.1356592178345, 42.245230125245094
Baits, Lures, & Flies: The following baits, lures, and flies are popular near this location.
Dry Fly:
Live Bait (Other):
Fished a shiner two feet below a float.
Lure (Other):
Powerbait - Garlic scented (green)
Power bait

Fresh-cut fish, chicken liver, hot dogs, dead shiners
Berkley Gulp Alive artificial salmon eggs (yellow) on an egg sinker (sliding) rig.
Berkley Gulp Alive floating salmon eggs (yellow)
j9 black/gold
Most fish caught on a j9 bronze color but did get a few on soft plastics and the biggest on a hollow body swim-bait.
Topwater Bait:
basic top water pencil popper type lure.
Booyah Pad Crasher brown yellow top
Stick Bait:
slow action on jerkbait long pauses
RC jerkbait did most of the heavy lifting. It caught 7 0f the 8 bass 5 of the 7 pickles and 1 sunnie.

Also caught a bass on a spinnerbait and 2 pickles on a minus
seinko 5" junebug purple
Lipless Bait:
Blade Bait:
I made bottle Caps, Gold from beers...
Spinnerbait / Buzzbait:
using a curly tailed soft bait on the jig hook - slow to moderate retrieve, just enough to keep the spinners going and the bait a foot below the surface.
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Originally Created By:vinny60 on 08/31/09 09:49 PM

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