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Spot Pond
Name: Spot Pond
County: Stoneham, MA
Acreage: 340
Public Fishing: Yes
Species: Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Rainbow Trout
Yellow Perch
Location Details:
Website: http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/recreation/fishing/trout/trout_waters_nd.htm
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User Discussion:
In late August '17 a guy fishing with nightcrawlers shows me a couple of fish he caught and asks me whether they're bass. He's worried because they're only about 8" long and wouldn't be legal. What they were were *white perch*. I have fished here for years and never seen a white perch, which actually *is* a kind of bass, related to stripers though.

You often see big largemouth in this pond by the way, you see them patrolling in the crystal clear water. The thing is they can see you too. You catch juvenile largemouth all the time here because they're dumb and greedy, but the big ones are wary.
09/24/17 08:49 AM

Fished yesterday, 9-10-16. Got there between 739 and 8, and started fishing to the right of the rental dock.

After 20 mi utes or so I hooked into and landed a nice sized largemouth. The bass was long but very thin and looked to have an injured spine.

It still fought well though for what looked like an old and or crippled fish.

Other than that all we caught in 5 hours were a few short smallmouth bass on shiners.

Lots of water to cover. We rented a row boat for a couple hours but boat control was tough in the wind. We took it to the big Island and fished that shore for an hour.

The shoreline drops quick, and it looks very deep right off the bank.

Didn't seem like there were many fish up close to shore, if they were they were not active. Saw lots of sunfish and small bass.

09/11/16 05:11 AM

very dirty water? You did not Fish Spot pond, water is crystal clear. HUGE fish in there!! Good luck catching them.
08/12/14 12:14 AM

Yeah , i went offshore fishing here a few times, caught a few bass but the water is very dirty and looks polluted to be honest. A friend and I went wading there once last year and when we came out of the water our waders turned a different color. Maybe its good for kayak angling.. but i wouldn't try it. Mystic Lake in medford ma is about a block a way.
06/09/13 07:33 PM

How is the health Fish Consumption Advisory in the pond, plz let me know thx u!!
11/03/11 04:55 PM

Spot is off-limits to private boats of all kinds. You can rent a canoe, kayak, or rowboat there for a hefty hourly fee (but check Groupon, they sometimes offer coupons for boat rentals that effectively cuts the price in half).
07/30/11 08:08 AM

i have a cartop boat.I was wondering if there is a place to put my boat in the water.
07/29/11 08:46 PM

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LMB Spot Pond LMB Spot Pond
1 lb 9 oz check out the bite mark on his side
Added by: bcodkind

spot pond largemouth
Added by: volume4130
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Longitude/Latitude: -71.0962200164795, 42.4563309199297
Baits, Lures, & Flies: The following baits, lures, and flies are popular near this location.
Hard Baits:
2 on F-5 Rapala Floater
2 on Rooster Tail
6 Perch on the Ice Jig all between 1/2lb and 1/4lb
Nice Bass on the Ice Jig
Ice Jig
10", 12" & 1-1/4lb Bass on Senko
3/4lb on Rage Frog

My Biggest 2lb 13oz, followed by a couple 1-1/2lber, a couple 1lbers, and the rest were runts. Mostly shallow cranks, some jig, and senko too.
Lure (Other):
Rooster tail
Just a Strike King 5 inch red and yellow spinner bait
The trout tend to hang in the area I marked on the map.
KVD 1.5, Senkos in black with red flake as well as shad colored.
Crust of french bread so it will float
french bread crust, sitting about 6 inches below the surface
Strike King Pro Series 1
Strike King Minnow in bright yellow
Strike King bright yellow minnow

Topwater Bait:
Rapala original floater #7 bleeding lip firetiger
Zara spook and jitterbug
3/8 oz Hulla Popper
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