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Mascuppic Lake
Name: Mascuppic Lake
County: Middlesex - Tyngsboro MA
Acreage: 209
Public Fishing: Yes
Species: Largemouth Bass
Chain Pickerel
Yellow Perch
White Perch
Bullhead Catfish
American Eel
Brown Bullhead
Calico Bass(Black Crappie)
Tiger Muskellunge
Smallmouth Bass
Max Depth: 25'
Elevation: 150'
Location Details: This large, fertile, 209-acre lake is transparent to ten feet. Emergent aquatic vegetation is relatively scarce given the transparency and fertility of the water, although there are some heavy patches in the northeast and southwest coves. The waterfront is heavily developed, with the exception of the southwestern shore, which falls within the Dracut State Forest. The lake sustains very heavy recreational usage ó swimming, boating, sailing and water-skiing ó during the summer months. Bass tournaments are scheduled fairly frequently on weekends.
Access is provided by a paved ramp owned by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife and located on the extreme eastern side of the lake (head toward the lake from almost any street off Willowdale Road and you canít miss it). The parking lot is small and can only accommodate seven or eight vehicles. Plan on arriving very early on summer weekends or youíll be out of luck.

The last detailed survey of this pond was conducted in 1978. Eight species were recorded at that time: largemouth bass, chain pickerel, yellow perch, white perch, bluegill, pumpkinseed, yellow bullhead and American eel. Smallmouth Bass, Black crappie, Common Carp, Golden shiner and Brown Bullhead are also known to be present. Most of the biomass appeared to be tied up in small sunfish and yellow bullheads. Tiger muskies were stocked here in September 1993, and future stockings to establish and maintain this fishery are planned.

This is not an easy lake to fish during the warmer months due to the heavy recreational usage; hence the majority of gamefish are taken through the ice during the winter. Further, fishing has not been all that good due to the high numbers of small panfish. However, angling opportunities may be improving: recent survey data indicate there are now some good numbers of large bass present. The recent addition of tiger muskies to the lake adds a new dimension to fishery, and in the years ahead should provide some exceptional trophies, particularly during the ice-fishing season.
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Website: http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/habitat/maps/ponds/pdf/dfwmasco.pdf
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Mascuppic Lake Mascuppic Lake
Added by: vinny60

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Longitude/Latitude: -71.388413, 42.677966
Baits, Lures, & Flies: The following baits, lures, and flies are popular near this location.
Lure (Other):
Rubber worms frogs,spinners
All worked
Bread Balls and Canned Corn
Feed corn and dat food were on the menu. We also tried chick peas, canned corn, luncheon meat, a coupld of pack/dough baits.

We chummed a mix or bread crumb, hemp meal, pineapple soda and other such ingredients.

Oatmeal is the bait of choice from the locals. Simon and I also brought feed corn, boilies, chick peas, a few dough baits and a grits based pack bait.

all action was from our Dat food boilies ( pineapple and strawberry) and the grits based pack bait. Oatmeal produced one good run, and a few nibbles.

We had many things on hand, oatmeal, boilies, chick peas, feed corn, birdseed and grits based pack/method mixes, dog food, maple peas...

In the end most fish were caught on Chick peas, followed by Dat food (strawberry) with one on Simon's pineapple birdseed "cake" boilie.
KVD 1.5 Chartruese/black back
In-Line Spinner:
Gold Vibrafox #2
Aglia spinner, bronze body, silver flash
Aglia spinner with bronze body, silver flash
Caught many fish here over the years on many different baits but the spinners seem to work best
Try casting farther out with a small spinner for pickerel
Night crawlers with either a bobber or weights.
worms on a bobber is the way to go. cast under trees and near weeds and lilies
Shine on and dropped.
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