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jamesd posted to the message board Open Water anywhere?.
My first boat launch will either be Sunday or Monday. Where?...
Posted 25 minutes ago

chicopeestreet posted to the message board New Tackle Shop! Blood worms.
Hey guys! I am doing a grand re-opening of my tackle shop at 957 chicopee street in chicopee ma. Our phone number is 413-532-1001. We do have blood worms right now for those o...
Posted 2 hours ago

catfishkid posted to the message board SWIMBAITS - Going Big.
Nice collection of swimbaits in that picture! How big is the biggest one, and/or the smallest? And what color are those line-through trout? I too will be going big this...
Posted 2 hours ago

don51 posted to the message board Serious question....
East Monp. has open water along the Rt. 58 side. W. Monp. is totally locked in....
Posted 4 hours ago

bannon2002 posted 1 new photo.
Posted 14 hours ago

awdooy posted to the message board Minn Kota Talon 8' with with Brackets.
Price lowered to $850...
Posted 15 hours ago

fdw9652 posted 1 new photo.
Posted 16 hours ago

enogueira posted 2 new photos.
Posted 18 hours ago

temp32 posted to the message board 2015 KAYAK/CANOE TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE AND RULES.
Excited for the opening tourny... lots of good bags last year...
Posted 22 hours ago

bassturds posted to the message board Chu Opening Date Prediction.
its going to take a while. people are still ice fishing up in that area. last week of april is realistic. unless we get some really warm weather!...
Posted 1 day ago

hagstah posted to the message board websites.
there's lots of cool stuff here..... http://www.stripersonline.com/...
Posted 1 day ago

schooner posted to the message board Tautog Spots ???.
The N.H record Tautog is 9 pounds, caught in 2012 in Hampton Harbor. They have been catching a few up there since 2009 or before....
Posted 1 day ago

cabwithtucker posted to the message board New Fishing Blog!.
Hi everyone, I created a fishing, hunting and spearfishing blog so that I could share some of my adventures with other people. I post 1 or more stories per week, and would ...
Posted 1 day ago

hooligan posted to the message board Cartopper tournament.
I would most definitely be down for a cartopper!...
Posted 1 day ago

bangbang posted to the message board Team Beaver Fever Budget Bass Jon Boat Build.
ttt for Chris ravosa...
Posted 1 day ago

bangbang reviewed the trip Stripping Paint of 12' Jon.
Congrats on the new jon boat! After stripping and painting a few Jon boat rebuilds I recommend in my own opinion leave it be. Prime and paint over the exterior and spend your time on the interior. You are going to be dragging that thing all around, hitting rocks and stumps. The easiest way I found to strip paint was using a sandblaster(http://m.harborfreight.com/21-oz-hopper-gravity-feed-spot-blaster-gun-95793.html). That is the cheapest one available. If you run into any snags or want more info PM me. Best of luck!!!
5 stars
Posted 1 day ago

chrisravosa posted 2 new photos.
Posted 1 day ago

chrisravosa posted a new trip Stripping Paint of 12' Jon.
Hi, Im not a handyman or anything, im 15 years old and into fishing, I bought this old 63 12' jon of craigslist the other week, and I cannot get t...

Posted 1 day ago

fdw9652 posted to the message board thinking new spinning rod??.
Berkley has always made some good (and good priced) rods. I used to use the Lightning Rods back in the day. They were tougher than hell back then. I like my Shock rods, but li...
Posted 2 days ago

enogueira posted to the message board kayaks.
they all say that the feel free lure is just amazing....
Posted 2 days ago

oldfisher posted to the message board Lew's spinning rod for sale.
Lews Tournament Graphite Speed Stick , 6-Feet ( Medium Light Power, Fast Taper, Spinning) 60 Million Modulus Graphite. brand new, never used. It does seem to have slight...
Posted 2 days ago

teamhookset posted 1 new photo.
Posted 2 days ago

simplenate posted to the message board my old account got deleted!.
Posted 3 days ago

tunaslayer posted 1 new photo.
Posted 3 days ago

gethookd posted 1 new photo.
Posted 3 days ago

stump reviewed the trip My 3-Year-Old has more fish than you! :).
Great trip, nice job dad!
5 stars
Posted 3 days ago

purpleturkey posted to the message board ice fishing buddy wanted.
No worries!!! I never checked ice last Saturday but we did go Sunday and had a great day!!!Weather near end of this week may wreck ice here but we're hoping to get one last tr...
Posted 4 days ago

simplenate posted 7 new photos.
Posted 4 days ago

timmo reviewed the trip My 3-Year-Old has more fish than you! :).
5 stars
Posted 4 days ago

enogueira posted to the message board opinion on how much $$$$.
Jj I bought a cheap spanner. Paying 50 for one is just ridiculous. Yes, I'm a cheap bastard haha. I'd rather spend on tackle...
Posted 4 days ago

willy68 posted to the message board now that spring is here..
I bought Frog Toggs jacket and jump pants combo in medium size for $15 last black Friday sales. The review is very good. The jacket is OK size, the jump pants is for someone...
Posted 5 days ago

icebandit posted 4 new photos.
Posted 5 days ago

mwb posted to the message board Western MA electric motor trail has couple openings.
Sorry i dont know of any....
Posted 6 days ago

edbote110 commented on the location Old Brickyard.
How do you get in there? Any trails?...
Posted 6 days ago

samf reviewed the trip Sweetwater campground.
5 stars
Posted 1 week ago

hooligan reviewed the trip My 3-Year-Old has more fish than you! :).
5 stars
Posted 1 week ago

meat7gtk reviewed the trip Sweetwater campground.
5 stars
Posted 1 week ago

meat7gtk reviewed the trip My 3-Year-Old has more fish than you! :).
5 stars
Posted 1 week ago

hooligan reviewed the trip Sweetwater campground.
5 stars
Posted 1 week ago

timmo reviewed the trip Sweetwater campground.
5 stars
Posted 1 week ago

fishman14 posted a new trip Sweetwater campground.
Went fishing on a local pond during a camping trip on the cape. The fishing was fantastic, with great Largemouth and several Pickerel as a bonus. It w...

Posted 1 week ago

kenwood reviewed the location Massapoag Lake.
Last year me and my fished here for the first time in about 20 years. Was sad to see it wasn't as clean as it used to be. The back cove near the camp was particularly nasty.

We caught fish and will definitely fish there again, but I remember a much cleaner lake.
3 stars
Posted 2 weeks ago

kickinbass84 reviewed the location Massapoag Lake.
This lake takes a patient angler to find the spots the lunkers hold up at and in summer it is heavily used for water recreation, jet skis, camps with kids swimming. But a persistent angler will be rewarded. I have had some excellent days here.
4 stars
Posted 2 weeks ago

edbote110 commented on the location Snipatuit Pond.
If you know what Mumpers are they also work here to
Posted 2 weeks ago

brownie posted a new trip canton res.
After a long day of fishing. I was my way home.one more cast .then bam....
Posted 3 weeks ago

patriotsandbass posted a new trip My 3-Year-Old has more fish than you! :).
So took my oldest son, Dillon, out to Lake Ripple last Sunday. Nice warm day, few other guys on the ice. Went to my spot behind the high school. (Befo...

Posted 3 weeks ago

jvp1946 posted a new trip Padanaram bridge .
Posted 3 weeks ago

meat7gtk commented on the trip Boat Weight?.
This is something that would be better off as message board material. ...
Posted 3 weeks ago

chrisravosa posted a new trip Boat Weight?.
Hello, Im sorry to bother, but I have been looking all winter to try to find the weight of my 1967 Sealiner Samms Lynn, I tried many, many websites an...
Posted 3 weeks ago

pocketfisherman reviewed the trip The Nip 2/21. Pin largemouth, and mystery pickerel?.
5 stars
Posted 4 weeks ago

catfishkid commented on the trip Ice Fishing at Dudley!.
Sounds like fun! Way to get out in this depressing winter. Checked out the video too, nice job. But I gotta ask - is it legal to start a fire on the i...
Posted 4 weeks ago

chrisravosa posted a new trip Ice Fishing at Dudley!.
Great day fishing with a friend, caught about 7 Pickrel in 3 hours, nothing else, I heard of people pulling out some good sized bass near the center, ...

Posted 4 weeks ago

fishermandave41 commented on the location Chauncy Lake.
oppps, it was a pike...
Posted 1 month ago

fishermandave41 commented on the location Chauncy Lake.
I know a guy who said he caught one two weeks ago, he said it wasn't a big one though...
Posted 1 month ago

chowda66 commented on the location Chauncy Lake.
anyone know if there are pike and tigers still around here?...
Posted 1 month ago

chowda66 posted a new trip The Nip 2/21. Pin largemouth, and mystery pickerel?.
My buddy and I went out on the nip yesterday. The flags were flying, and the fish were biting. got 3 pickerel, all fairly good size, and one strange...

Posted 1 month ago

fishermandave41 posted a new trip 2/20/15 Ice fishing at night.
We went out to Chauncey last night. Pretty cold, slow bite. My buddy Joe caught two pout....

Posted 1 month ago

teamtrout commented on the trip Lots of Luck on the coldest day of the decade!.
Great job! Ripple sure has been producing this winter... I know of at least 10 bass over 5 pounds that have been pulled from there this season...
Posted 1 month ago

buddy70weathers posted a new trip Forest lake.
First time on the ice. Great day too! 7 perch and 1, 2 lb trout. Not caught by me...
Posted 1 month ago

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  1. 4/13 MIDDLE/MYSTIC, BARNSTABLE 10 boats
  2. 4/27 NORTH POND, HOPKINGTON 10 boats
  3. 5/4 BIG SANDY POND, PLYMOUTH 10 boats
  4. 6/1 DARK BROOK RES, AUBURN 12 boats
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The 2014 season is here!! Welcome aboard to the new members who have joined the site during the off season, and welcome back to all the existing members who have helped make the years gone by a major success!

This year will be no different than the past years, listed below are all the details you will need to know to take part in the ever growing world of MA Fish Finder tournament trail.

Entrance Fee: $50 per boat whether you fish solo or with a partner, the $50 includes the lunker fee.

Requirements: You must have a fully functional live well, whether it is a factory installed set up in your boat or an improvised set up made from a cooler. It must be aerated and large enough to keep 5 bass alive until they are weighed and released. A good formula to use for determining cooler size is 1 gallon of water per pound of fish. Keeping frozen ice bottles on board (to add to your live well water) is suggested for ensuring the live release of fish on the hottest of days. We also ask that you purchase a Golden Rule or some other measuring device to ensure your fish are all over 12 inches We also ask that you have a weigh in bag to transport your fish to the scale to speed the process and ensure live release of your catch.
All vessels MUST HAVE a PFD(life preserver) for each member of the team.

Sign Up: The sign up for each event will be posted the Sunday before the event at approximately 7pm It is your responsibility to sign up for any and all events you wish to fish, entry to events is on a first come first serve basis, each tournament will also have an "alternates" list you can add your name to in the event of cancelations. A post on the upcoming tournament thread with the words "YOUR TEAM NAME" "IS IN" is all that is required to participate.

Arrival: We ask that all participants arrive at least 1 hour in advance (6am) of the designated launch time (7am) to ensure the tournament director can collect your entry fee, inspect your live well and get your team registered and on the water on time for the launch. We also ask that all participants have the upmost respect and keep the noise down when arriving. Some of our events have houses/neighborhoods in close proximity to the parking/launch areas.

Start/End Time: All MAFF events will begin (launch) at precisely 7am and will conclude (weigh in) at 2pm unless otherwise noted on the tournament thread post.

Format: The use of live bait is strictly prohibited in ANY and ALL MAFF events, artificial baits only! All events will consist of a 5 fish limit, all fish must be 12 inches or larger in order to be weighed in (short/dead fish will be penalized see penalty section below). Boats will all start together from a designated area for the car toppers. The big boats will draw numbers for starting order.

Weigh In: Before the start of each event the Tournament Director for that day will call for a time check and then will announce the weigh in time along with the location at which the weigh in will take place. All weigh ins will take place on shore. It is your responsibility to keep track of time as well as to be on time at the right location to weigh in your bag. Each team should weigh in their biggest fish even if it is not in contention for the lunker prize. In the event of a tie for any place, the tie breaker will be determined by the team with the biggest fish.

Penalties: The following is a list of penalties for specific infractions. Penalty enforcement is at the digression of the Tournament Director.
  • "On time for the weigh in" is defined as being under trolling motor power in the immediate vicinity of the weigh in area. If you are still under trolling motor power in route to the ramp at the designated time of weigh in you are late.
  • A boat arriving late to the weigh in will have 1 lb deducted from their total weight for every minute late, a team arriving 5 minutes or more late (without a valid reason and proper notification to the tournament director) will have their weight disqualified.
  • Please be sure all fish meet the minimum 12" length requirements (measure twice, weigh once).
  • A team weighing in a dead fish will be penalized a ½ lb (.5lbs/8oz) per dead fish.
  • A team attempting to weigh in a short fish will have that fish removed from the bag and be assessed an additional 1 lb penalty. A dead fish CANNOT win the Lunker Prize.

Lets all have fun and tight lines to all!!


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